Hey Guys. We said we would do a little introduction to let you know who we are and why we are running this blog. I am Katie Woods and this is Jamie Byrne. We are both young women in our twenties living in Galway, Ireland. I’m a trained life coach specializing in personal development and growth and Jamie is currently study Bio-pharmaceutical science. Two completely different careers, two pretty close friends. We share a love for all things self help related and we both aim to promote positive mental health resources and posts helping you create the life of your dreams like we are currently doing. We will talk more about why we write what we write and the spark that lights our passions in the field of holistic well-being/health and lifestyle more in a separate post but for now we said we would write a short intro.
Looking forward to our journey in this and we look forward to hearing and getting to know our readers. 
Lots of love
Katie & Jamie xx

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Lorraine roughan
Lorraine roughan
4 years ago

Well done katie. So proud of u. Lots of love. Mum


Well done you the Minister needs to listen to you and hear what works and what doesn’t. A fellow sister in crime, MFI member and a human being who is not treated as an equal:-)

Paddy Fleming
Paddy Fleming
2 years ago

Hi Katie, so proud of you. Keep going forword to your future, it waiting for you. Really happy you are shouting out loud.