self care safe kit

I wanted to share this on our website with you guys as it is one of the most sentimental personal belongings of which I own.

I was given this little emergency kit when I started the Eden Program in Galway run By SUICIDE OR SURVIVE. This was a therapeutic group program that lasted 6 months. Honestly if you were present for even one session your view on therapy would change. This was something I enjoyed so much. I loved meeting each week and learning different topics on how to better your mental health. To me it was never something that brought stress, instead it brought connection, passion and empowerment. 

Receiving this little emergency kit I immediately wanted to buy one for each one of my loved one’s. I asked my instructor about them and where to find them and she kindly gave me hers. Later that day I came home to my partner dylan. Dylan had been going through a rough enough time and I could not wait to show him this little gift. He was taken back by surprise telling me how much it meant to him. 

He keeps his with him at all times in his jeans pocket and I bring mine everywhere I go in my little bag.

At times when I have been sitting alone sad and suicidal I have taken this kit out and just read it over and over again. Knowing I am loved and things will get better. 

It has gone so far as to stop me from acting out on my suicidal thoughts and urges. 

I truly recommend picking up this little gift for someone special in your life who you know is struggling as a way of saying I am here and I support you. 

I would not feel complete for the day if I did not have this in my bag and I am so incredibly grateful for suicide or survive. 

Available for €4 each incl postage. A perfect gift to share with loved ones. email for how to get yours today.