Spreading sprinkles of hope

Hey Guys and Gals. We are so glad to have you here. Welcome to the affirmation academy. This blog was set up by two Irish friends living in the West of Ireland for the purpose of spreading positive messages of hope, tips and tricks and to give our advice on getting through the terrible/terrific twenties. We hope you can gain something from the affirmation academy and we are so excited to have you here with us on this journey.

The Anxiety Chronicles

Introducing the writers

Welcome to the affirmation academy

Katie Woods

I am 23 years of age and I’m currently training as a life coach specializing in Personal development and self-improvement. I ended up in this career after spending so long learning to improve myself. To grow from the frightened depressed teenager with multiple suicide attempts to an inspirational woman with so much to give the world. After surviving my suicide attempt with the train I knew that this time I had to try.

I had to try inspire, empower, educate.

I had a purpose in this world and suicide wasn’t working for me, as much as I wanted to end my life, somebody else wanted me to live and I owed it to them to give my gifts and love to this world. It is my life purpose so here I am. I hope that here at the affirmation academy we can help you all better your lives, help you learn to love yourself and love your life. Anything is possible.

Jamie Byrne
I’m a 21 year old girl originally from the east of Ireland now living in Galway. I’m in second year of a biopharm degree which I’m absolutely loving. I’m a huge fan of reading, movies and youtube, and my life revolves around music.
I’ve struggled with mental health all my life, and now that my anxiety is improving I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to write for this blog and become a co-owner of the affirmation academy.
I hope to share my experiences and things I’ve learned to inspire hope and positivity in the world.
I hope you enjoy reading!”

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