The MindPillow crowd funding campaign.

Hey guys.

I just wanted to send out this DM to our followers on behalf of Mindpillow Ltd.

Mind Pillow Ltd are a team of entrepreneurs who have come together to tackle a key challenge in today’s society. They have each experienced life changing moments that had inspired them to dedicate their career’s to developing a talk therapy app and platform to help people all over the world.

I can speak as someone who’s been in crisis with my mental health many times waiting lists of weeks or months are just not adequate enough to help save someone. Before I got hit by the train, I spent 50 euro getting a taxi into the nearest psych ward begging for help. I was assessed after several hours and I literally locked myself into the bathroom until the doctor was ready to see me for I was terrified that my mind would go and next thing I’d be standing in front of a moving train hopeless and helpless to the severe intrusive suicidal thoughts in my head.

We view physical health as life and death but yet we are still blind to how mental health can be a case of life or death. I have gone into accident and emergency and said “Look you need to help me, I cannot control my body right now, my mind has taken over and if you don’t keep me safe I am going to be back here tonight in a body bag.” That night the doctor said they couldn’t do anything for me, and I needed to go home and wait for a referral letter to come in the post. I am so lucky I have a fiancée who is my best friend and my number one supporter. When the mental health team fail to step in, he is always there telling me it will be okay, and I will get through it but some people don’t have that. I lost my friend to suicide last year. On suicide prevention day she took her life. She had been on a waiting list for the support. A crisis nurse that didn’t return her calls and a funeral 3 days later. After it happened, I couldn’t even feel anger. I was just so shocked with grief and injustice. All I could think about was her loved one’s at her funeral saying goodbye to this beautiful girl who didn’t deserve to die. She was a human being and if she had been battling a physical illness, she would have been given the appropriate treatment straight away.

A mental health crisis can often be a life or death situation and while we do not have the resources to change that right now, mindpillow are giving it their best shot. By creating this platform mindpillow has the potential to change the way mental health counselling is provided. One of the most critical aspects of mental health treatment is speed. The help has to be available instantly before it is too late. As a world we face a global crisis in regard to suicide and managing suicidal thoughts in us and our loved ones. I myself have been on that life or death situation and I am one of the incredibly lucky ones. When I walked out in front of that speeding train, I had every intent to die. It wasn’t my choice to survive but I did survive, and I am aware of how lucky I am to be able to continue my life after such a serious attempt. Many aren’t so lucky. I look at the suicide of a close friend and I grieve the woman she would have become, the midwife she would have been. The future she had. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our loved one’s to act now. To change the waiting list times, to save ourselves and to save our loved ones. Nobody deserves to die from illness. We cannot forget that suicide comes from mental illness. It is not always as black and white as giving up. Many people try reach our for help and treatment. We cannot view suicide as a choice when it’s so evidently clear that mental illness was the cause.

We have the power to change the mental health system and to help so many people all around the world. We cannot do it alone. We need your support and we need your drive and passion to bring about this change.

If you cannot contribute financially that is 100% okay, we just need to have people on board that want to bring about this change.

Thanks so much for reading this.

The link for the crowdfunding page is below and also can be find on the Mind Pillow Instagram Bio.
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