Finding an Outlet

Finding an Outlet

Hi guys! Its been a while since I updated this series but welcome to chapter 4 of The Anxiety Chronicles, a series where I attempt to help you identify and deal with anxiety. This post will deal with finding an outlet, which can come in many forms. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your own lives.


Since deciding I want to actually deal with my problems instead of ignoring them, Ive been using writing as an outlet. Ive always kept a journal on and off, but now Ive commited to trying to keep it up full time, as well as writing on this blog. Writing for The Affirmation Academy has really helped me bring my issues to the forefront and identify healthy ways to deal with them. While Im not telling you to do something as drastic as starting a blog, I do suggest keeping a journal. There are so many scientifically proven benefits to writing even 20 minutes a day. Check out my post on journalling here –

writing outlet


Art therapy is an amazing thing. In secondary school, we’d have a class every so often where we were given a colouring sheet and our teacher would play music. It was a form of meditation and as much as we made fun of it at the time, we all felt incredibly relaxed after. Ive been trying to get back into drawing lately because its honestly such a fun thing to focus on. You can lose yourself in whatever youre doing, you can play music or a podcast in the background and forget everything for a while. If this sounds fun to you, Id highly recommend looking up art therapy colouring books, or even just a normal colouring book from your local shop. Colouring in particular is such an amazing outlet, made clear by the rise in popularity of adult colouring book.s

Get a kit here! –

colouring outlet


Okay. So I am the first to admit Im a shopping addict. Retail therapy replaced my self destructive coping mechanisms long ago. The good thing is however instead of scars and bad lungs, I get pretty clothes and nice stationary. I do not recommend this on a daily basis, but when my anxiety is really bad I find online shopping is a fun distraction. It also has positive benefits as I usually drag my friends out on a shopping spree, meaning I get to be social and feel normal for a while. Countless times this college year, my friends and I would go to town and just wander through charity shops and those are some of the best memories I have of this year. Even if we didnt buy anything, just browsing and laughing with friends, making fun of strange hats and outfits does so much for my mental health.

shopping outlet

Self Care

Now Ive done many many posts about self care, but I do believe it is one of the most important outlets for dealing with anxiety. Getting into a routine is so important, and factoring time in to look after yourself, really look after yourself, is crucial. I wont ramble about this again but you can check out my post on self care here –

self care

If youre suffering with anxiety, I highly highly suggest finding an outlet for your stress. It will provide you a much needed break, and youll have something positive to show for it! Im sorry this post is a bit haphazard, I am currently getting ready to move back to Galway so things have been quite full on. In any case, if you want to catch up with The Anxiety Chronicles, see the last post here –

Have a good day guys,
Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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