What are you Living For?

What are you Living For?

Hi guys! Welcome to my final day of World Suicide Prevention Week posts! Today is a short one but its a fun little activity. In my To Write Love on Her Arms Suicide Prevention Pack which you can get here – https://store.twloha.com/products/wspd20 two sheets are included. They are blank apart from the worlds “I am living for…” and its up to you to finish.

i am living for
worth living for

I absolutely love these sheets. Personally Ive filled one with the names of my friends, family, pets and other things that make me happy. On the other sheet I have photos of the same people and things. I have them on my wardrobe doors so I can look at them every day and be reminded that even in the worst times, I have so much to live for. In fact Im even bringing them to college to put up in my college bedroom, so even though most of my friends are on the opposite side of the country, theyre always there.

So heres your task for the day. I want you to make a list of what youre living for. Add photos, stickers, glitter, whatever you want. Just make sure you have a constant reminder that life is worth living and turn to it in dark times. Life is worth it, and these sheets let you remind yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this week of posts and you found them helpful or interesting. If youd like to check out yesterdays post which contains links to the rest of the week you can go here – https://kmwblogs.com/2020/09/10/world-suicide-prevention-day/

Have an amazing day!
Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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