Suicide Support Systems

Suicide Support Systems

Hi guys. Hope you’re having a good evening! It is the 9th of September and you are very welcome to day 4 of my Suicide Prevention Week posts. Today is all about resources, charities and how to get help. Lets get right into it!

Doctors and Therapists

The first step to getting help and learning to deal with these thoughts is going to your GP. They are there to help you and will do everything they can to do so. It is so so important to be honest to your doctors and health carers, they cannot help if you’re keeping important details from them, and it benefits both of you to be honest. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts theres an almost definite chance you will be referred to a therapist. Therapy is a strange thing at first, it takes some getting used to but can highly benefit. Its important you get along with your therapist, especially in such a vulnerable state. If you don’t feel like theyre helping or simply don’t like them, its perfectly okay to try another one. Its your health, do whats best for you.

good therapist
therapy options for suicide

Mental Health Charities

There are an endless number of suicide awareness charities, and we have done many posts about this before. In fact we even have a resource page on the front of our site which you can check out here –

Id like to talk about 3 amazing charities in particular – Jigsaw, Pieta House and Suicide or Survive.

Pieta House has saved me many many times. They have both a hotline and textline, as well as offering sessions of therapy in locations all over Ireland. They are so highly deserving of donations and they rely on public funds to do their work. Since their yearly Darkness into Light walk was cancelled due to Covid, they need our support more than ever. Check them out here and consider donating. –

pieta ending suicide

Jigsaw is a young people centric charity Ii first learned about in college. While the reps were talking to me about it, I knew this cause was something special and they have proved that time and time again. Their online groups kept me sane during lockdown, and they now run one to one online chats too. I love this charity so much I am supporting them for the VHI Mini Marathon! If youd like to donate and keep up to date with my endevour, go here –

jigsaw logo

Suicide or Survive is a charity I have not used myself but Ive heard amazing things from Katie. I did the Wolf Run in aid of them, and they were incredibly helpful, generous and supportive along the way. Check them out here, they are so worthy of donations –

suicide or survive logo

Check out my Wolf Run post, day 1 of prevention week here –

Other Resources

Katie did a fantastic post a few months ago full of support helplines which you can check on here –

I hope this post is helpful for you or someone you care about. Remember, if youre going through a hard time there is always a way out. There is always someone to talk to, even from the comfort of your bedroom. If theres any of our posts that you share, please share this. It could save a life.

I love you guys,
Jamie xxx

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