Talking about Suicide

Talking about Suicide

Hi guys! Today is September 8th, day 3 of my Suicide Prevention Week posts. Yesterday we discussed the signs of depression and what to look out for. If you missed that you can check it out here –
Now that you know the signs, we’re going to learn how to help someone going through suicidal thoughts.

Planning the Conversation

Before you even approach the person you’re worried about, you need to think of what you’re going to say. This is such a touchy subject and its possible you’ll only have one chance to have this conversation, so being prepared is a must. If you can, find some brochures or information to give them if they agree to get help. If you want to do further research into how to have this talk, I highly recommend doing this short online course.

talking about suicide

Discussing Thoughts of Suicide

Though I have done the course above, I cannot articulate this step very well so Im going to refer you to the amazing advice from Pieta House – the APR Approach.

The most important things to take from this are the fact you need to mention the word suicide, you need to take an outsiders approach and do not in any way guilt them with other peoples feelings, and most importantly, you need to try and get them to agree to getting help.

ask persuade refer

The Importance of Reaching Out

Reaching out to someone can make more difference than you could ever know. Often someone having suicidal thoughts just cannot comprehend that anyone could care about them, so genuinely asking how they are and offering help could seriously mean a lot to them. So many times, a simple call or a smile on the street can help someone live another day.

That’s it for todays post. I hope you learned something from this, even about just the importance of a smile to someones day. If you take anything from this post, know you are not alone and theres always someone willing to listen. Your problems are real and they should be treated that way. There is hope, you will get through it, we’re all behind you.

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

discussing suicide
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