Suicide – Know the Signs

Suicide – Know the Signs

Morning guys! Hope you’re having a good day so far. Welcome to day 2 of my Suicide Prevention Week posts. If you missed yesterdays post check it out here!

Today I want to talk about possibly one of the most important things you can learn – how to identify the signs of a suicidal person. These can be very obvious and not so obvious signs, and hopefully this post can teach you what to look out for, in yourself and others.

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What is Suicide?

Firstly, lets talk about suicide as a whole. Suicide is the ending of a persons own life, usually after a battle with mental health. It is a huge preventable tragedy that is still not acknowledged near enough. In Ireland alone, 33 people died from suicide last week, and nothing was heard. Worldwide, suicide accounts for over 800,000 deaths a year, equal to one death every 40 seconds. This is an unbelievably sad statistic, and it is honestly hard to even comprehend. To put it in perspective, this is almost double the population of Cork. Id highly recommend reading some facts about this, there’s a good chance they’ll shock you.

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Warning Signs

There are many signs of suicidal thoughts, some more common than others. The most easily recognised signs include

  • Threatening or talking about hurting or killing themselves.
  • Looking for ways to kill themselves, or talking about a suicide plan or date.
  • Talking or writing about death and dying from suicide.
  • Talking about feelings of hopelessness.
  • Extreme emotions and what can appear as irrational expressions of rage, revenge, or anger.
  • Self-harming, or engaging in reckless or risky behaviours.
  • Feelings of being trapped, talking about no way out or no other option.
  • Increased use of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Withdrawing or disconnecting from friends, family or the community.
  • Anxiety or agitation.
  • A change in sleep patterns – not sleeping or sleeping all the time.
  • Dramatic changes in mood, for example sudden feelings of happiness after a long period of sadness or depression.
  • Saying goodbye to family and/or friends, talking about going away, giving away possessions, leaving farewell messages on social media sites.
  • Saying they have no reason for living, no point any more, or have no purpose in life.

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suicide warning signs

Check out this incredibly helpful Pieta House page –

So these are the main symptoms to look out for. Obviously there are symptoms other than this, and some may not be shown at all, but knowing what to look out for is an important step in supporting someone with suicidal thought. Stay tuned for tomorrows post where Ill be taking about how to go about helping someone going through a tough time.

Have a good day!
Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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