Suicide or Survive Wolf Run 2020

Suicide or Survive Wolf Run 2020

Before I start this post I want to say a few thank yous. First and foremost to Anthony and Catherine from Suicide or Survive for hooking us up with tshirts, wristbands and some incredible information pieces. You two were amazingly helpful and patient. Secondly, to Lorraine Taylor, the fantastic creator of this event for being willing to chat about it any time. Lastly to my best friend Emma who did the walk with me, and is always there to deal with my shit, I love you.

Today, September 6th, marks the start of Suicide Prevention Week, an event for which I am aiming to do a post a day. So this is a bit of a different post than the rest will be but today I would like to talk about a 5km walk I did for an amazing charity called Suicide or Survive. The Wolf Run was an idea thought up by the amazingly strong Lorraine Taylor as covid-19 disrupted all plans of fundraising this year. I knew about the charity through Katie, who took part in The Eden Project, which you can find more about in her post here –

suicide or survive logo

The Wolf Race popped up on my facebook after signing up to the VHI Mini Marathon. I saw the charity name and immediately had to sign up. This charity has done amazing things for one of my very close friends so of course I had to support them. Emma and I signed up that same night and started planning our walk right away. We’re lucky enough to live in Wicklow where pretty much all we have are pretty views, so we chose somewhere close to home and waited for a day of nice weather (which by the way took Far too long)

History of Suicide or Survive

Suicide or Survive was founded in 2003 by Caroline McGuigan after her own struggles with mental health. The charity aims to support its visitors in harnessing their own strengths and improving their mental health. They run an amazing group therapy programme called The Eden Project, which is a 6 month project that allows its participants to better themselves, find positive ways to deal with their thoughts and to consider life as an alternative to suicide. They also run online programmes and workshops that provide mental health training. Katie got me one of their Lifes Little Emergency Kits which she gave me the day I moved out, and it was the most heartfelt gift it brought me to tears. This is a picture of the kit.

lifes little emergency kit

“Available for €4 each incl postage. A perfect gift to share with loved ones. email for how to get yours today.”

The Wolf Run

So we did the Wolf Run yesterday the 5th of September. We donned our tshirts and headed to our local park. Before the event, we decided to do the River Walk as it would have beautiful scenery and lovely spots to take breaks for photos. We were lucky enough to get the only nice day in a while, and ironically it started raining as we left, but the walk was amazing. Ive included some photos here and if you like you can see more on my instagram –

Overall the walk took about an hour and a half and worked out around 6.5km. I really enjoyed it as I love walking however there was a hill at the end that almost killed us but hey we did it!

suicide or survive wolf run
km map

Final Thoughts

I am so proud of us for completing this walk, and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to help such an amazing charity. The Wolf Run is open currently, until September 10th, Suicide Prevention Day. It can be completed any time from anywhere in the world. If you want to step out of your comfort zone I highly recommend signing up, you can choose from 3 different walk lenghts so there is something for everyone, and its for an amazing cause, so why not? Or if you’d rather just make a donation, here are some ways to donate by text.

suicide or survive donations

If you would like to sign up for the walk, and I highly encourage you to, sign up here –

Have a great day guys!
Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

wolf run medal and logo
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