Sarah Knight – The Anti-Guru

Sarah Knight – The Anti-Guru

Hi guys! Sorry its been a while since a post went up on this blog, both Katie and I are dealing with personal stuff behind the scenes. I am trying to get some posts written though so look forward to that! There will definitely be posts up on World Suicide Prevention Day, and I am doing a charity walk in the coming weeks which will also be up soon (Irish weather permitting). All excuses aside, today I will be reviewing some of the work of Sarah Knight.

sarah knight ted talk

I first discovered Sarah knight while looking for books in a similar vein as Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I am embarrassed to admit that much like a child that’s discovered swearing for the first time, her explicit book titles caught my attention. After searching her name and watching her tedtalk, I purchased a box set of her books, which I’ll be reviewing below. Not for the faint of heart, I wholeheartedly recommend all of them, but to convince you, here are my opinions on the anti self help book series, known affectionately as the No Fucks Given Guide.


calm the fuvk down

I started on this book for a multitude of reasons, the main being I am an anxiety filled hot mess going through a breakup and looking for a job. This is about as fun and stressful as it sounds, so a book about managing anxiety was a good place to start. I love this book. It focuses on 3 things, stuff that’s happened, stuff that’s happening and stuff that could happen in the future. Knight takes an affectionate yet blunt approach to these worries, outlining ways to catogorise your worries or “shitstorms” according to likelihood of happening and how much you should devote to worrying about it. I really enjoyed this book and it honestly really helped me to make sense of the worries I have and gave proactive ways to deal with it. 

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TO BE NOTED – this book has a partner journal, along with some of the other books. If you find the exercises in the book helpful and want somewhere to organise your thoughts. I’d highly recommend this.

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sarah knight book and journal

This book, as the title suggests, aims to help get your life in order. Alvin and The Chipmunks is used to represent the three types of people, which is a quirky and way more understandable characterisation than personality type quizzes. Again, this book includes interactive sections to make sure you’re both paying attention and that you’re serious about making a change. Keys, phone and wallet are used to represent strategy focus and commitment throughout the book – if you don’t go anywhere with the first three, why treat their counterparts any different? What I really liked about this book was the emphasis on getting help, be it professional or otherwise, most notably illustrated from Knights story of her own eating disorder. The idea of attacking your problems in small manageable chunks is the key to this book, and applying that strategy will do wonders in the long run.

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you do you

At the start of this book you are greeted to a 2 page spread simply stating “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU”. As I started this book to learn how to be alone after a breakup, this message was reassuring and very promising for the rest of the book. Can I just say right now Sarah Knight is one of my favourite authors? I’ve been reading a lot of books, both for this blog and in my free time on my self improvement kick, and I find the most joy in going back to her writing. There’s something about how casually she speaks that reminds me of just talking to a friend.

Anyway back to the review. This book speaks in detail about selfishness and how contrary to societal belief, it is not always a bad thing.  She talks about the desire to be perfect and how damaging it is, and if you’ve been on this blog a while you know I did a post on this before. Being a recovering perfectionist is a hard job, but the reassurance of my favourite author being in the same boat helps. Like Brene Brown, she states being courageous is better than being perfect. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the others but it was still an entertaining read.

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sarah knight life changing magic

The name sake of the No Fucks Given Guide as well as the subject of her ted talk, this is by far Knights most noteable title. If youre familiar with this blog you’ll note the similarity to the Marie Kondo title it takes inspiration from, which I reviewed here –

If you want a lesson in mental decluttering, look no further than this book. She teaches us about fuck bucks, and the importance of giving them to stuff you actually care about. I both read this book and listened to the audiobook version and I adore it. I highly recommend checking this one out, I dont even want to go into a lot of detail as I think its a must read whether you’re into self help or not.

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So there we have it! If you’re looking for a fun introduction to self help, Id highly success checking out Sarah Knight. Her casual, harsh yet loving tone makes it feel like youre reading texts from a friend rather than books on how to improve your life. I assure you however, in her anti guru style, her books will help you do just that.

Get the collection here –

sarah knight collection

Hope you guys are having a good day, look forward to a ton more content on this blog in the coming weeks and months.

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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