My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

Hi guys! Since Im still in the process of learning how to be single again after many many years, I thought Id share with you my daily routine! Im not the most organised in the world but I do like to keep to a schedule as much as possible. Im still getting used to having to sleep and live alone, but I hope you guys enjoy this glimpse into my life, and that it shows you you can also make it through things you dont think you’ll survive.

Morning Routine

  • So I usually wake up between half 8 and 9am, this being the result of living with my ex and being tied into his routine.
  • I take my anxiety meds and then check out my sleep score on fitbit, which is amazingly helpful in learning more about your sleep. Its super interesting to me to find out how long I spent in each sleep stage, and what benefit each stage provides.
  • Next up I do my daily gratitude journal. This is so important to me as it starts your day off on a positive note. Ive previously done a post about journalling which you can check out here – In relation to this, Ive recently started using an app called Woebot, which is an AI that practices CBT. Im still very new to the app so I cant do it justice, but check out the site here, I highly recommend it.
morning routine
  • After my mental health check, I check my social medias, reply to any messages I got overnight and check YouTube so I can watch anything uploaded during the night. This can range from horror videos to gameplays to strange unboxings.
  • I usually get breakfast around 10am, which consists of either a chicken fillet roll (classic irish right) or toast and a giant mug of tea.
  • The last part of my morning routine consists of going for a walk with my dogs. I love walking and its so good for combatting stress. I usually aim to be out for at least a half hour a day, and when Im particularly stressed Ill stay out longer. Yesterday I did 8km!
morning routine


  • On to my afternoon! So getting back from my walk I usually watch a show called Shortland Street with my mam. Its been a holiday routine since I was very young so its nice to still do.
  • At around 2 Ill have lunch. Usually this is pretty much whatevers in the fridge, from curries to chicken burgers and of course more tea.
lunch routine
  • Then I need to get ready for work. I love listening to something while getting ready, lately its been podcasts as I havent been able to really listen to music since the breakup. I absolutely love the SuperMegaCast, from youtubers Ive mentioned before and will mention later in this post.
  • Now for the one part of my routine Ive been able to keep up no matter what – my job. I work cleaning and taking care of a lab which is fun considering my future job hopes. I love my job and I have such amazing coworkers so its so enjoyable. Having a job has kept me sane through the pandemic and given me a consistent schedule over the last 5 months.
  • I finish my shift at half 7 and finally get to head home for dinner. By this point Im wrecked and I always appreciate sitting down to relax.

Nightly Routine

  • A consistent part of my nightly routine is the fact my 2 favourite youtubers upload at 8pm, so I always look forward to those videos. Unus Annus is a year long experiment that has honestly kept me sane these past few months, and I plan on getting the logo tattooed on my ankle once the channel is deleted. Call Me Kevin is a guy from Cork who makes super fun videos I highly recommend.
  • I like showering at night so I can heat up my saltlamp while Im in the shower and my room will be all nice smelling and calm when Im done. As I talked about in chapter 3 of The Anxiety Chronicles about routine, I use Nuxe Aquabella to keep my skin clear. This was such an important part in establishing a routine for me, and if youre looking for somewhere to start, a skincare routine is an excellent place.
skincare routine
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  • From about half 9-10pm, I chill out from the day by watching some youtube or netflix. Im currently obsessed with Sugar Rush on netflix, which is a baking show, and Im totally addicted.
  • The last thing I do at night is check in with my mental health again. I keep a diary to recall how my day went, how Im feeling and anything thats on my mind. This helps me so much as putting things on paper not only lets you vent it out but also helps remember the good that happened throughout the day. I also check in with Woebot, who provides a nightly gratitude exercise, letting you end the day on a positive too. Checking in on how Im feeling is one of the most important aspects of my day, and if you want to start doing the same, I highly recommend Woebot.
  • Im still in the process of getting used to sleeping alone which sucks, but Ive found sleep aid playlists really help. I use a playlist of my favourite youtubers SuperMega, which helps me fall asleep and also keeps my mind focused which prevents nightmares.

So thats my day! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you maybe got something helpful out of it! If anything, I hope it was a fun read. Enjoy your night guys.

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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