Hey guys. Me and Jamie wanted to make sure we had an easily accessible link to access support and helplines so we have compiled a list here of phone numbers, websites, and apps that you can download. This page will always be active on our site so you can find it anytime. Some of these resources we both have used and found incredibly helpful and we hope you have a positive , compassionate experience when/if reaching out for help. 

Lots of Love Guys

Katie&Jamie xx


Pieta House 

1800 247 247

Resources and support

Turn to me

Online Platform

My Mind

Online Platform

LGBT Ireland

Helpline: 1890 929 539


resources and supports


Eating Disorders Associations of Ireland

Helpline 01 2107906

resources and supports

Travellers Counseling Service

Landline: 01 868 5761
Mobile: 086 308 1476

email info@travellercounselling.ie

Irish Society for Autism

Phone 01 847 4684

email admin@autism.ie


Jigsaw (12-25years)

Freephone 1800 544729

email  help@jigsaw.ie

suicide or survive

Phone 01 272 2158

Phone 1890 577 577

Spun out

(young people)

Online Blog for young people by young people

Apps to download


Headspace is a well-known mobile app for meditation. It’s a fantastic app but it does require a payment subscription.

Clear Fear

For teenage mental health charity Stem4. The app uses CBT to help you in times of stress. You can personalise the app to your own needs and track your progress.

Reach out worry app

For all those worry warriors out there

Find it on google apps/play store

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[…] A support system is one of the most important things to have. Whether its friends, family, doctors, helplines or online support, we all need someone to turn to. Knowing there is someone that cares about you and is willing to listen often helps massively. A group of my friends came over on my birthday a few weeks back and we all just sat talking and it was at thar moment I knew we were in a group of people that would do anything for each other, and that feeling has got me through some tough moments since. If you’re not comfortable talking to those around you, theres always other options. Katie added an amazing resource page to the blog which can be found here – https://kmwblogs.com/2020/08/10/resources-and-support/ […]


[…] Resources and support […]


[…] Resources and support […]


[…] Resources and support […]

2 months ago

Hi guys, I just read Katie’s story on Thesecret.tv and I want to thank you so much for sharing. I did not endure what Katie endured at the turning point of her story but I had a very similar childhood and high school experience, also culminating in two suicide attempts, and then 20 years after that of suffering profoundly in every area of my life due to the scars left by abusive parents. Just like Katie as a teenager, by the age of 17 or 18 just being left a shell of a person who knew nothing but fear, dread, hopelessness and powerlessness in my young life. I don’t have anything but empathy for what you have endured following your terrible accident, but I do have some info I would highly recommend you look up in terms of the childhood that got you to the darkest place in the first place.

I’ve come a long way in my healing and the Secret was one of the things that really helped me to retrain my mind. I too grew up in the UK and I think that toxic, malevolent parenting is a very common problem over there, something quite prevalent in the culture, versus other places. It did not even occur to me until well into my 30’s that parents were supposed to actually love their children and raise them with support and affection rather than nastiness, shaming and attack. I truly did not know another reality. I have now lived in the U.S. 20 years and come a long way and I just wanted to share an area of psychology and study that I am not sure has much standing in the UK as of yet.

It is called CPTSD – complex post traumatic stress disorder which is basically similar to PTSD which is itself the result of one severe trauma, whereas CPTSD is the effect of repeated and cumulative trauma such as an abusive childhood. What is very powerful about the diagnosis and the people who work in this area is that they acknowledge that repeated emotional and psychological abuse can be just as damaging as other more “obvious” kinds of abuse such as only physical. There are also things that are very enlightening for those who have a difficult time reconciling themselves with their abuse, particularly if it was psychological, verbal and emotional, “believing” their abuse, for want of a better word, whereby he explains that you can live in a decent environment with parents who are pillars of the community and still be abused, or that you can be the only child who is abused, with siblings who have a completely different and positive experience with the same parents.

I would highly recommend you look up Pete Walker’s excellent book “Complex CPTSD” on Amazon – it was free with Kindle Unlimited in the U.S. for a while. In his writing he lists many other authors who work in more specific areas of CPTSD such as narcissism and toxic shame such as Judith Hermann’s book on recovering from CPTSD and John Bradshaw’s book on toxic shame. And then I’d also recommend you look up the ACES study, and a more classic PTSD book which contains powerful information on healing at the body level – “the body keeps the score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk.

I felt compelled to share this because after doing some of this work I was truly able to conclude that after 20 years of depression, severe anxiety, self-abuse, self-hatred, shame, you name it, I have healed. I have not felt those emotions in at least two years now, at least if I do it is very brief and very manageable to the point I can’t remember anything specific, and that was after a lifetime – two decades living trauma and two decades living the aftermath in severe debilitating emotional pain. I definitely concluded via doing the work in those books that processing grief and the release of negative energy is the path to healing.

At first that may seem at odds with the LOA as in focusing on what you don’t want, but it actually fits because the entire basis of the LOA and indeed Abraham Hicks, Seth, and Quantum physics books (also try “the holographic universe” and “the nature of personal reality” in the metaphysical field) because everything is energy, and your energy attracts and creates your life, but if you have trauma energy trapped in your body and psyche and that too attracts and creates on some level, even if it is just always there in the background of your mind as you hold together the pieces of a good life on the outside.

Beyond that I think there will always come the questions of “why” when you are little kid you are attracting such pain, but I think when you do the work to process what you experienced in this lifetime and start leaving the pain behind to the extent possible, and being a deliberate creator, living the law of attraction then you will be naturally led to work that explores the journey of the soul and why and how we end up in a painful lifetime

Blessings to both of you Katie and Jamie, I feel your bright energy across the oceans!!

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