Staying Sane during Covid-19

Staying Sane during Covid-19

Good morning! Now this is a post I had hoped would be dated by now but “the new normal” looks like its here to stay. Its been a lot of getting used to since this began way back in March. While some people are using this opportunity to try new things, others struggle with motivation. I thought today Id talk a bit about what my quaratine experience has been like, and how to stay sane in a post Covid-19 world.

Battling Loneliness

loneliness during covid-19

When the lockdown came into effect, I dont think we realised just how isolating it would be. All of a sudden we couldnt see friends, family or partners, we couldnt leave the house, we were trapped. I was lucky enough to be living with my boyfriend at the time so I had it slightly easier but once I went home I will admit I struggled a lot. Social distancing has become less harsh, but it is still a very important topic.

In times like these its more important than ever to reach out to your family and friends via social media, calls or whatever you can think of. Keeping up that interaction is so important for your mental health. Personally I found Jigsaw group chats to be extremely helpful to me as it was confirmation other people were feeling how I was, and it was reassuring in a sense. If you’re struggling with isolation during Covid-19, here are a list of amazing helplines you can contact. You are not alone, just remember that.

covid-19 helplines

Finding a Hobby during Covid


With so much free time, it was the ideal time to take up a new hobby. Lockdown was suprisingly productive for me in that sense. I got a job, took up meditation and journalling, got extremely fit because all I could do was go walking, it was fun. So many people have found new interests during the pandemic which is an amazingly positive outcome in the face of something so horrible.

Like I mentioned I was living with my partner at the time, and we deep dived into netflix. I cannot even count the number of shows and movies we watched, but it was such a nice comfort in the face of all the negativity. And yes, movies and TV shows do count as hobbies. Don’t feel bad if all you did was watch stuff, the important thing is that you have something to keep you happy and sane during covid-19.

uk covid-19 hobbies

Lack of Motivation

Seeing people around you taking up all these hobbies and being productive can often make you feel worse about what youre doing. I am the most productive Ive been in so long and I still feel like Im wasting this time. It is however incredibly understandable to not have motivation during this insane pandemic. Covid-19 has hanged everything, this is an undeniable fact. You should not however feel bad that you aren’t getting as much done as people around you. This virus is having a hugely dangerous effect on mental health of people around the world. If all you can do is get out of bed in a day, that is okay. This is a deeply traumatic time and you should not beat yourself up for struggling. I promise, you’re doing fine.

puppy motivation

Staying Safe

And now we’re at the end of this post where I am obliged to lecture you for a small paragraph. You guys know all this stuff by now but still. Social distancing is still one of the best ways to stop the spread. Wearing a mask in public places is also super important, especially on public transport or in shops. Hand washing is the best thing you can do to kill the virus, and most places now have hand sanitiser in view. Covid-19 is beatable, and we will get through it.

safety covid-19

I know this is probably not the most interesting post, especially 6 months into this, but Ii hope you get something out of it. Please stay safe, reach out to your loved ones and remember, this won’t last forever and we will get through it.

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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Ignitedminds Space
3 months ago

Thanks for sharing, it’s a must needed to all in this hardships. Keep inspiring.