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Good morning guys. I said I would write a quick post on my favorite meditations. Meditation is only something I recently got into and while it took me a few days and a sprinkle of patience I know would not be able to get through my days without it. Meditation is something so calming and uplifting but it can be hard learning how to meditate. I first started using the hypnosis on youtube when I was trying to work through parts of my memories of younger years. I had a complete blank in my brain on different stages throughout my youth and I was eager to try recall it. It’s not something I would recommend but that’s how I first started meditating. 

After that I started using hypnosis to fall asleep every night. I am a terrible sleeper and suffer with nightmares so I thought that by going to sleep listening to hypnosis or meditation my nightmares might ease. My nightmares did not go away but I started to notice a pattern in the times I woke up. The nights I did not fall asleep listening to the meditation or hypnosis I woke before 6 am. The nights I did fall asleep listening to hypnosis or mediation I woke around 8 am. This was two hours of extra sleep in the morning and when I realized this pattern I decided to make the conscious decision to use meditation every night. 

I also have strong beliefs in the law of attraction and the energy we put out so I decided that every second Night I would fall asleep listening to meditation or hypnosis for law of attraction specifically. I wanted to get on the same wave length of the universe for attracting abundance and prosperity. 

I also try inc-operate subliminal messages and affirmations at least twice a week. I haven’t had the best confidence lately and I wanted to train my mind to be kinder, more compassionate. Since this is so hard to do on a conscious level when one isn’t feeling well listening to it at night while I slept seemed like the most appropriate way to  reprogram those thoughts. 

45 minutes of meditation a day

I have built a habit of spending 45 minutes a day meditating. Usually around 3 pm when most of my work and tasks are done for the day I take some time out. I head up to bed(so I can take off my prosthetic leg) with my earphones and my sleep mask. I use my earphones when doing this because I find it’s much easier to concentrate on the meditation without the distraction of external sounds. I use the sleep mask so that when I close my eyes it’s dark especially when I’m meditating during the day. I just find it easier to visualize when my view has nothing to interfere. I can get lost in visualization techniques to help me create the life of my dreams. I use the visualization meditations to stay hopeful and get on the path of alignment with the universe. My favorite visualization meditation video is this one that I have embedded below. 

Spotify has loads of guided meditation playlists. Night time guided meditations. Meditations for walking or exercise. Guided meditations for anxiety, weight loss, phobias and so much more. 

Another place you can find guided meditations is on the headspace app. I think the subscription is about 20 euro a month but it is amazing and well worth the money. You will find meditations for anger, for anxiety, for happiness. Night time meditations, sleepscapes. Its definitely worth checking out ( 

and if you don’t want to subscribe to that you will always find them on youtube. 

My favorite artist for meditations on youtube is Micheal Sealy. I find his videos are incredibly powerful and he is my go to for a long 60 minute meditation. I also recommend giving the honest guys a check out om youtube too. 

Meditation is something everyone should try at least once. If your like me it might take a few times before you start to enjoy it. Have patience with it and know that you will reap the benefits even if you are unsure of what they are at the start. I love meditations and I hope if you do give it a go that it will work for you and help you in times of distress and uneasiness. I’m going to finish this post with a video of one of Michael Sealey’s videos on youtube and I wish you a fantastic day.

Lots of love katie xx

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