What is a self care box and how does it work? Well self-care is all about looking about yourself, your body and your soul. We all have little things that help us feel better when we are going through a rough time. Sometimes we put on a soppy film and have a little cry. Other times we treat ourselves to a pampering be it at home or in the spa. Face masks, Hair masks, a massage. Now if we figure out what makes us feel good, feel relaxed or safe we can create a little box for ourselves to go to in times of need or discomfort. When my depression gets bet I usually curl up in bed in nice pjs with a hot water bottle and binge watch gossip girl. When I am struggling to express my emotions or let the tears fail PS. I love you is my soppy go to. Or remember me. My god that film gets me every time but if its a more semi permanent thing or I have suffered a loss like grief or heartbreak self care boxes are amazing for helping me get through it. Dylan made me a beautiful one for our anniversary. Self care boxes are a fantastic gift for friends or family incorporating their favorite things in such a sentimental way.

So lets talk about what works well in self care boxes. If you don’t want to custom make your own or you want to send one as a gift etsy have loads of personal presents for anyone and everyone.

So lets start with relaxation.

Candles, essential oils, incense. Bath bombs and bath salts.

I use the muscle soak bath salts and lavender essential oil to help ease the tension in my body after a particularly difficult day.

Soothing drinks and herbal teas.

Hot chocolate and mini marshmallows always work well.

Herbal tea like chamomile and turmeric. Pukka have an amazing collection on nighttime tea, love, womankind and one of my favourite the elderberry and echinacea.

Including something cuddly like a teddy bear or a little microwave teddy filled with lavender. If your box is small a hot water bottle might be a bit of an overkill but the microwave teddies are perfect size. You can buy online at amazon if your finding it hard to find in store

It’s good to include a journal or a dream diary to write down any distressing thoughts in your head or unravel your mind before hitting the hay.

For comfort I recommend

Fluffy socks

self care

Eye mask

self care

Hand cream

Sleep mist

self care

To keep things positive little affirmative cards always work good.

Louise L Hay has some amazing collections of affirmation cards.

I’m not sure if CDs are even a thing anymore but I know spotify has loads of meditation playlists/nighttime hynosis and relaxing music.

To create a relaxing atmosphere I have found the following things can help.

Salt lamps

salt lamps

Incense burner holder

self care

Starry night projector

self care

Other things that can be helpful to include are soft tissues, earphones and Chocolate.

It’s all about what works for you and what helps. What makes you feel safe and comforted.

I hope this helps even a little and like always I send my love

Katie xx

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