Create your own self care safe kit

Create your own self care safe kit

At the start of the year I started the Eden program. This was a 6 month group therapy based in Galway for people struggling with re-occurring self harm and suicidal thoughts. Every Wednesday we would meet as a group with our course coordinators. We were each asked what we were going to do keep ourselves well and safe for the day. This was when I mentioned about my own self care safety supply. Every where I went I brought my self care safety supply with me. In this I had created the tools, accessories and coping mechanisms to keep me safe in case of an emergency. You can create your own self care safe kit bespoke to your own liking with what helps you feel safe and relaxed.

To other’s it may have seemed strange but giving my asperger’s I like to make sure I have every situation planned ahead. In my bag I would carry the following options.

I wanted to also show you this little pouch I got when I started eden. It’s called Life’s little emergency Kit. This has saved me so many times. It is something so small but so meaningful. It is made the the organisation/charity suicide or survive and I could not say enough good things about them.

self care safe kit
Suicide or survive website.

“Available for €4 each incl postage. A perfect gift to share with loved ones. email for how to get yours today.

My first thing in my bag was earphones. I bring my earphones everywhere. Need some meditation? Plug in your earphones. Anxious on the bus? Plug in your earphones. I suffer with immense social anxiety and the only way I can cope with this is by focusing on something else like a podcast on spotify or music I like. I have to take a lot of public transport so I bring my earphones everywhere.

The second thing I always have is my journal. Being a writer you never know where inspiration could strike. I also need my journal for taking down whatever information I receive that day. If the nurse rings with an appointment write it down. Have to remember to get fake tan. Write it down. I’m not sure if you guys know this but I had ADHD and after years of losing track of all the things inside my brain I developed the habit of writing down anything and everything. It keeps my ADHD in check to always be able to write down my to-do lists. My appointments. Phone numbers. Blog post ideas. You can get fabulous journals online at book depository/easons or amazon. I have 9 different journals currently. Don’t ask how or why I just love journals.

The third thing is similar to the journal but I bring my favorite self help book to read especially if I get down and need some uplifting hope. I normally bring one of the following two. Reasons to stay alive is truly amazing. It has saved me so many times and the second is the secret. Everyone needs to read the secret at least once in their lifetime. It will change your life.

The fourth thing is a small stress ball or a fidget cube. I don’t tend to use it much in public, my fidget cube is very annoying to listen to when I’m clicking it constantly but it helps in certain situations. Stress balls are quieter and more discreet when one is trying to hide their overwhelming anxiety from the world.

The final thing I bring with me in my bag everywhere I go is the roller-ball stress relief. It’s small, its compact and I don’t know whether its the placebo effect or whether it does help calm me but as soon as I put it on I can take a sigh of relief and know that it will be okay.

my self care safety

These are the little essentials I bring with me where ever I go as my self care safe kit to keep me safe throughout the day and then I have my separate self care box for at home which you can find here

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