The story behind the title of the blog.

I want to talk about affirmations and what inspired me to name this blog the affirmation academy. The name of the blog kind of came to me one day out of the blue and I just knew that was it. That was the name but last night I dreamt of where it all started and where the idea originally came from. I realised my sign from the universe was a message to share with the world.

When I was fifteen and unwell with mental illness in hospital an eccentric nurse called Edel told me of this amazing woman called Louise L Hay. She was a survivor, a fighter, an inspiration, and she healed herself from cancer through the power of her mind. If your like me your first thought is that’s not possible but for her it was. Louise believed in the holistic approach of nurturing one’s body, soul, and mind in the most natural ways possible. She was diagnosed with cancer but instead of having the treatment recommended she created an intensive 6-week program filled with affirmations, visualization, psychotherapy, and nutrition. 6 months later she was completely healed of cancer. She healed herself, and she created a book called “Heal your life”.

The power of our mind is so incredible that even as human beings we cannot fully appreciate the mind as something equally the worth we attach to our bodies. We can grasp the concept of our arm being broken, we feel it, we see it. The doctor confirms it is broken so we can tell others who ask what’s wrong our what happened that our arm is broke. Yet when we start suffering in our mind, through trauma, through stress whatever it may be, we tend to conceal it. An invisible illness and we find it in ourselves to see it as stigmatic. It’s too hard to tell someone what’s wrong in our mind because they cannot see it, therefore it doesn’t exist. We suffer in silence, sometimes we choose to pretend we are not suffering, we do not acknowledge it.

Is our mind not as important as our body? Our bodies would not function without our mind. We do everything on an autopilot with little to no thought attached. Mindfulness is lost and we forget that it is our mind that controls our body. Our every movement, feeling, reaction.

The brain that holds so much knowledge and has the ability to achieve anything we want in our lives. Our mind that can make us feel so good, and equally as bad.

How do we talk inside our minds? That little voice inside that is the running documentary for everything we see, hear, notice. Do we look in the mirror every day and say, “You are beautiful, you are worthy and your going to have a great day”. Or do we wake up with the first thought of our day being “Ugh I don’t want to get out of bed, it’s raining, the weather is shit. What a shit day”. Do we even notice at all?

Our inner dialogue, our perception of ourselves it is so important, and it impacts everything.

Louise L H was an exceptional woman, a healer, and a teacher all over the world. She thought the world the importance of speaking to oneself with love and compassion. She was one of the main founders of the self-help movement. She was an inspiration that changed the world for so many. Louise L Hay helped so many people all around the world change their lives for the better by simply helping them to see they could accomplish anything through the power of their thoughts. The power of healing in loving oneself.

By definition of google an affirmation is

emotional support or encouragement. The terminology refers to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.

So why did I name this the affirmation academy?

I named it the affirmation academy because that is the core value both me and Jamie believe will change your life. The emotional support, the education, the encouragement. We want you to see that you are worthy. We want you to believe you are worthy and we want to enlighten others on the power of treating oneself with love and kindness. How the world becomes a brighter place when you learn to change your perception of it. How one positive affirmation can become the catalyst for a life full of success and happiness. We want to show you the power in a single affirmation and we hope over time, those in a dark place can reach the light knowing the future is out there waiting for you. You just have to want to live it.

Ps. Go check out Louise. Hay. She is just iconic.

Happy reading guys.

Lots of love katie xx 


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