The Benefits keeping a Journal

The Benefits keeping a Journal

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a good weekend. As yesterday was International Self-care Day, I’d like to talk about a favourite self help concept of both Katie and I which is keeping a journal.

Now we are both writing obsessed so we have multiple journals (organised or disorganised we’ll leave that up to you). Studies show that keeping a journal makes a significant improvement to your mental health. Putting your problems to paper improves your stress management skills and allows you to look at those issues in a new light. Surprisingly 15 minutes of journalling a few times a week has been linked to physical health improvements such as immune system and liver issues!
I currently have three journals on the go. Id like to briefly discuss why I have each of them, maybe encourage you to get your own journals and start writing!

Gratitude Journal

I’ve made multiple posts on this topic so I’ll keep it brief but my gratitude journal is possibly the most important writing I do in a day. Starting your day off being thankful for what you have is an amazing mood booster and allows you to go into your day with a positive attitude. No matter what is going on I make sure to start my morning with my journal before I even get out of bed. If you want a quick change to your morning routine, I’d definitely suggest starting a gratitude journal.

Dream Journal

This one was recommended by my therapist to try and understand the root of my nightmares. Fun topic huh? Obviously this one is not for everyone but I find it helpful to write down my dreams as often dreams bring to light issues our subconscious wants us to acknowledge. I use my dream journal in my therapy sessions in order to better process my thoughts and feelings, and i find it very helpful. Keeping a note of your dreams also helps improve overall memory which is beneficial to every day life. Theres also the fun aspect of interpreting your dreams! You can find so many books online about this and I’d highly recommend checking it out at least once, you never know what your brain is trying to tell you!


Last but not least I have an ordinary diary. I use this for every day documentation of how my day went and how I was feeling. Often just writing down everything that happened is a good recap of the day as well as a good way to process any issues I had in a non biased way. I print pictures and stick them into relevant days which helps me remember better if I ever want to look back in years to come. Keeping a diary also leads to mindfulness, as your mind is passively engaging with your thoughts instead of getting caught up in them.

So there we have it! Sorry this is a bit of a short post, we have a proper self-care day post planned but we’re still working on it but for now I hope this interests you. I’d highly recommend you guys research the topic more and start a journal of your own. Even if its just your phone, I promise you it will make a difference.

Happy writing!
Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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