Heal your scars
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Heal your scars

Hey guys so I said I would write a quick post on what I use and what helps me to heal my scars.

I first started using bio oil on my self harm scars as a young teenager. I found it helped lighten the colour but not much else. Vitamin E cream was recommended, so I then tested that out. With no little to no change I gave up for some time and let the scars heal by themselves.

When I woke up from my suicide attempt in Tallaght hospital after getting hit by the train I was horrified with my reflection. I had split part of my face open needing stiches to my mouth, my nose, and my forehead. Parts of my forehead had been glued and I was told I would need plastic surgery on my face. Horrified with my reflection I turned to anything and everything. I did not want the world to see me and I believed my face would scare off the devil. Embarrassed and ashamed I wondered how I could survive the year ahead without ever showing my face to the world. Putting a brown bag over my head wasn’t the most comforting option and my mental health went on the decline. I didn’t take many photos at the time but this was roughly what the scarring on my face looked like.

Pictures of the scarring.

When I admitted on a Facebook post what had happened a friend from the equine community got in touch. She told me of the product Botanica and how it had worked miracles for her partner after his own personal accident. She gave me the contact details of the man over the company in Northern Ireland and I sent him a Facebook message hoping I’d hear back.

So, Botanica is a herbal remedy used all over the world in the equine community. Specialising in care for horses and animals it is a remedy many use and recommend. I had remembered using it on the horses back when I was a teenager. I felt slightly apprehensive using it on myself. Looking up the website I was glad to know that this product was made for human care and I didn’t feel so anxious anymore. Well it’s worth a shot I really had nothing to lose. The man I spoke to was incredibly kind and he gifted me the products free of charge to use with well wishes for a speedy recovery. Several days later my mother rang to say I had a parcel at the house. Excited to use it I waited patiently for my family to deliver it to me on a visit to the hospital.  



My friend Sam came up to visit a few days later and commented on how clear my skin was. I told her about the botanica and how it was meant to be good for scarring. Sam insisted that she treat me to a facial and I lay back and let my beautician bestie do her work. The smell itself was calming and refreshing and I looked forward to using it again later that night. Within weeks my scars were starting to fade, and the difference was noticeable by a mile off. It had only been a few months and doctors were not going to give the go ahead for plastic surgery for another 9 months but I didn’t hate myself as much anymore. I felt comfortable to go out in public once I had makeup on. I stayed using the botanica every day, first the cleanser, and then moisturize with the external youth cream. It had only been a matter of months using the cream and I was constantly reminded by my friends how much my scars were healing.

Plastic surgery wasn’t needed anymore to heal my scars.

When I went back for my outpatient appointment with the hospital they told me I wouldn’t need to have the surgery after all. Most importantly I didn’t even feel I needed it anymore. I was finally becoming comfortable and confident in my own skin again and I would not have got there without this miracle to help me. 

Me and Dylan still use this cream now. Even though my scars have healed it works wonders for our skin. Leaving it crystal clear and refreshed I could not live without this and I am so grateful it was recommended to me by a friend. 

These are recent up to date photos and as you can see the scars are barely visible. This is something I highly recommend and Its one of my all time favorite products. 

Now back to vampire diaries.

Have a fabulous evening guys.

lots of love katie xx

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