Monday motivation. Vision boards.

Monday motivation. Vision boards.

Guys I am so excited to write this post. I absolutely adore vision boards. If I could have one in every room I would but they take a bit of effort. So what is a vision board and what is it good for?

Well for me my vision board is my goals. My dreams. My aspirations. Anything I love in life goes on that board. I’ve made a few in the past but this one was different and this one was different because I was yet to believe I could achieve all of these things. I went to Mr. Price and I bought a large white foam board. I screenshotted all the photos I wanted to put on it and I found some extra photos. When I thought about what I was going to put on the vision board I wasn’t entirely sure. Of course photos of my loved ones were going to be on it but it needed to be more than this. It needed to be inspirational. Motivating. Inspiring.

At the time myself and Dylan were house hunting for our first home and I was eager to start my vision board but I knew I didn’t want to start it until we found our first home. I was reading the secret at the time and I knew I needed to portray the law of attraction on my board. I ordered my photos of an app an my phone and I patiently waited for them to arrive.

When they eventually did arrive I had my board ready and I was in my kitchen of our first home. I had glue, glitter, blue tack everything and anything but I wasn’t happy with it. It needed more. So I did a bit of web browsing and sure enough I found my dream car. Screenshot taken. Then I found a picture of a bride and groom from the back and I screenshot that too. I took screenshots of people with amputations running and exercising. I found photos of families on holidays. Pets and love. That was the one theme reoccuring. The desire for love. To have a beautiful small intimate wedding, a family. A home and a pet. The more I started dreaming the more I envisioned. I wanted it. I wanted it all and the secret had thought me that we can have whatever we set our minds too. Achieve any of our goals regardless of how big or how small they might seem

The secret had thought me no wish was too big and anything was possible. I decided I wanted my vision board to push the bar, I was going to live a great life without limitations. I just had to stay believing in the magic of it all. It said of saying “how could that even be possible” I started saying “why isn’t it possible?”

I put all my dreams for life on the board. Travel. Marriage. A successful job and then I went and I found words to print out. Words like worthy. Successful. Love. Even though I didn’t truly believe I was them words I did have confidence that one day I would believe them. It doesn’t matter if it’s not how your life is now. The thing with vision boards is that they can be anything you want to be. What ever you want the vision of your future to look like that’s what you put on them. If you want to climb mount Everest and live in Australia you put that it.

The aim of the vision board is to create a life you adore on the board. Then you place it somewhere you can see it often. Mine is in my office in front of my desk so when I am caught in a day dream when working I find myself looking up at it. If your like me and your looking at it every day, you will strive to achieve it every day. It keeps you motivated but it also keeps you focused on the end goal. Right now you might be grinding day and night trying to get the rent money together not sure when it’s going to get easier. The thing is though you have to keep believing. When you look at the board and see a beautiful house don’t think to yourself that it’s never going to happen. Think to yourself instead I cannot wait to live in that house.

I was listening to a ted talk last week about learning. When we combine information with emotion that’s when it engrains in our brain. The secret talks about feeling the emotion. Feeling the high. Most importantly feeling the feeling. Look at that house again and imagine what you’d feel like living there, how you’d decorate it, focus in on the BBQs your going to have with friends and the summer nights lounging in the garden. It’s exciting right ? Well if you can feel the emotion that’s half the battle. They say we do everything twice. First we do it in our mind and then we do it in real life. So imagine living in that house. Imagine driving that car. Imagine winning that gold medal. By doing this you are getting yourself on the right frequency with the universe. When your on the right frequency anything is possible. And it can only keep getting better from there.

My own vision board

I used to refuse to get excited about things that were yet to happen but in the contrast I spent my life worrying about things that hadn’t happened. If I can spend so much time worrying on the what if I can definitely accomplish feeling the excitement of things yet to come. We hold ourselves back out of fear of disappointment, fear or failure but you won’t achieve your goals if your afraid to even imagine what it’s like to accomplish them.

Ask yourself if I could do anything in the world or be anything in this world what would it be. Subtract the limitations and dream. Dream big and dream often. We are so held back in a rut of I’ll do it when I’m not broke, I’ll be happy when I finally get my car, I’ll succeed when I finally finish my degree. This itself is rubbish talk. There is nothing stopping you achieving all these things now and by putting it off your only limiting your happiness and your happiness only. While nothing happens overnight all your goals are possible and within reach. We have heros to look up. Heros that inspire us. Stephen Hawking’s. Albert Einstein. Shakespeare. There were probably times in their lives too when things seemed out of reach but they did not give up. They kept going and they achieved everything they set out to achieve and more.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Grab your pens, grab a piece of paper and let your imagination flow with what could be and what can be. When you have decided what you want your life to look like print out some pictures, grab a board and canvas and start creating. Make it individual and authentic to you and your ambitions and if your not happy with it, start again. This is something that you are going to see every day and if your not happy with it the spark of hope and desire will fall short.

This is your testimony to yourself and the future of your dreams. You will find loads of awesome ideas on pinterest. Just type in vision boards.

Most of all have fun with it.

Happy Monday Motivation guys.

lots of love Katie xx

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