Tuesday Talks. Support and helplines available.

Tuesday Talks. Support and helplines available.

Tuesday Talks

For today’s Tuesday talk I wanted to share helplines and supports that are available to people in Ireland that may need some extra support.

Recently I have been really leaning on the rape crisis helpline to help me get me through a rather tough time. I have found that when things get too much, or I start to have self-destructive thoughts I go outside, and I make a call to the helpline and lean on them. I used to feel really embarrassed leaning on the supports available, believing that in some way it made me weak. I had made a few support calls that hadn’t gone so well, and it had put me off reaching out for help for some time, but I started changing the way I looked at it.

For me I had to make a choice between reverting to old destructive behaviours or make the call and talk to someone who’s job is to accept these calls and offer support happily.

When I overcome these hard nights I am grateful that I was able to overcome these difficulties with the support services around me rather than hurting myself in an impulsive moment and regretting it forever after.

I find no matter how difficult it can be convincing myself that I deserve the help as much as anyone else, in the days after I am reminded that reaching out for support is a courageous thing to do and even if it was difficult and awkward the rewards of staying safe outweigh every bit of fear I felt.

Samaritans is available to people all over Ireland needing someone to talk too. The Samaritans is a 24/7 service and there are now 20 branches all over Ireland to help give support and resources. The only thing is that sometimes the lines can be incredibly busy so you may have some waiting time on the phone but they also have the Samaritans self help app that you can download on a computer or smartphone to help take track of your mental health. The app is not monitored by volunteers so if you are in a crisis and need support immediately you can always try the other free phone options.


Pieta House offers free therapy to those personally affected by self-harm and suicide or bereaved by suicide. Pieta house offers free counselling services with 15 centres across Ireland and five outreach centres. There national freephone helpline is available on 1800 247 247 throughout the day and night.


If you are uncomfortable talking on the phone you can always text HELP to 51444 at pieta house or text HELLO to 50808 and text with a trained crisis volunteer in the crisis mental health text line.

Teenline -1800 833 634

Childline – For those needing support under the age of 18 ChildLine can be reached 24 hours a day at 1800 66 66 66 or you can free text ChildLine at 50101.


The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is the national 24/7 helpline supporting those all-around Ireland who have been victims of rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment in their lives. The service is available to both males and females over the age of 18 and this helpline has saved me so many times. I am so grateful to be able to rely on this line every time things get overwhelming in my own personal battle. Contact the National rape helpline on 1800 77 88 88


The LGBT helpline is also available to listen without judgement and in confidence at 1890 929 539. There website is highly informative and offers a wide variety of support and information on many different topics including mental health and equality.


Another great resource available is turn2me. Turn2me is a community of fully qualified accredited professionals that provide a supportive, confidential space for people all over Ireland. It was founded in 2009 by two brothers who lost their sibling to suicide and the purpose of the service is to provide peer to peer support and guidance, but it also offers counselling services for young people under the age of 18, individuals and also couples.

Online Support Groups are available on different topics and subjects throughout different charities and support services throughout Ireland.

Find support groups here at



I hope this is helpful and know that asking for help may not be easy but it will be worth it.

Happy Reading guys

Lots of love katie xx

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