Secrets of The Law of Attraction

Secrets of The Law of Attraction

When my boyfriend was considering breaking up with me, he’d always say “you’ve been dealt such a shitty hand”, as if my experiences made me fragile and breakable. When he broke up with me for real, he said “you have been dealt a shitty hand but you do these things to yourself”. I was taken aback, wondering how all the bad things that happened to me could possibly be my own doing? Did I ask for mental issues? Bullying? Poverty? Of course I didn’t, how could it possibly be my own fault? It wasn’t until a good friend of mine turned me onto a book called The Secret that I begrudgingly found out he was right.
I had never heard of the law of attraction. When it was explained to me I’ll admit I took it with a grain of salt. My therapist often tells me we cant have positive thoughts all the time, and forced positivity can be dangerous. The idea of being able to think whatever you want into existence sounded crazy to me, but as you can grasp, I was going through some shit, so I figured Id give the book a try, and oh boy am I glad I did.

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The Secret

My first impression of The Secret was that it looked beautiful. I loved the old letter feeling of it, I loved the way different speakers were portrayed, I loved the stamp wax look. I was quite skeptical of the whole concept honestly, but I dived in with an open mind and very quickly ended up falling in love with this book. It acts as an introduction to the law of attraction while at the same time giving an in-depth education on how to effectively use it. I was amazed by how much this one simple book changed my outlook. In applying the law of attraction, I found myself improving my work life, as well as my relationships with friends and family. I was more than a little excited to find out the author Rhonda Byrne had written more books in this series. So on to the next one…

The Power

The next book I decided to tackle was The Power. Again, I was blown away by how beautiful the pages of this book were, dotted with flowers and flecks of light, as well as illustrations and brightly coloured images. This book focuses again on the law of attraction, this time talking about the power of love. I really enjoyed this as I am a huge fan of seeing the beauty in a storm, and in general feeling with my whole heart both good and bad feelings. A lot of this book was very hardhitting for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, its my favourite in the series. What I particularly like are the keys of power, small concepts that can be looked back on in any situation as such an easy reminder of the power you have within you.

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Get The Power here –

The Magic

The Magic Is not a one sitting read, it is a 28 day journey that if done right lasts long after the book ends. Every day is a new topic to be grateful for, and as little as 3 days in you get used to this new routine and gratitude becomes a part of your morning and night. I normally struggle with focusing on a project like this, so I bought The Secret Gratitude Journal as a bit of extra motivation and I seriously love it. It works so well with The Magic and I’d highly recommend getting both together. After the 28 days you have a beautiful journal full of love to look back on and can continue using long after you close the book.

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This book is a collection of success stories of people who took their lives by the reigns and turned everything around. It’s an interesting read, I found it slightly harder to get through than the other ones purely because I struggled to remember who did what in terms of all the stories, but it was still an enjoyable addition to the collection, and a reminder that success is possible, you just have to have faith.

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The Secret – Daily Teachings

Now this book is different to the rest, not being a finish in one sitting kind of book but a yearlong journey. I adore this concept for many reasons. It is good because it’s a way of reminding yourself of the secret on a daily basis and invoking gratitude, and it is great because it acts as a daily reminder that you are the leader of your own destiny, and any change you want to make is up to you, and its just that easy!

Get it here –

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The Secret has well and truly changed my life. For one thing, I would never have considered my writing good enough to be on this blog without having faith that I could make a difference. I want to say thank you to Katie who is the one that made this all possible for me, you are amazing and I love you. For everyone else, I highly recommend checking out these books, I promise its worth it.

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

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