The New Girl

The New Girl


Hi guys! This is a post I am very excited to be making. So let me introduce myself – my name is Jamie and I am the very beautiful Ms Katie Woods’ new co-writer! Katie asked me to do this blog with her a while ago and its taken me a bit to gain the confidence to do it, but after spending the weekend in Galway together I am very excited to be here! As the new girl of the blog I am quite nervous but I hope I can entertain ye!

A little bit about me – I’m 21, originally from the east of Ireland but I moved to Galway for college last year where I ended up living with Katie. The past year has been full of highs and lows that have brought us so much closer than I ever imagined. She is amazing and Im so glad to be helping her out with the blog. This year brought the huge change of going back to education to study biopharmaceutical science and fulfill my medical research dream, but also coming face to face with the extent of my mental health problems. About as fun as it sounds, but a very necessary journey, a journey I think could send some of our readers on a journey of their own.

Katie and I are both so passionate about mental health and self help, and we sincerely hope you join us on this wild ride, and that we can resonate with you. I look forward to speaking to ye soon!

Lots of love,
Jamie xxx

the new girl

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