Monday Motivation. DIET

Monday Motivation. DIET

So, our Monday motivation today is around the topic of diet. Diets are damn hard and finding the motivation to do exercise is even harder, but it is essential for a healthy body and mind.

Research shows there is a strong connection between our food and our mood. Low blood sugars can bring with it low mood, irritability, and fatigue. If your like Dylan, you will be familiar with the term HANGRY. On Saturday morning I had gotten up early around 5 am and I had eaten a bowl of Weetabix. I had got on doing things with my day and preparing the house for Jamie’s sleepover. Getting the bus into Galway I felt the uneasiness of anxiety. I was running on empty and the thought of having to walk through crowds of people made me feel sick to the stomach. By the time 6pm came and we were on the bus home my tolerance for the day was on the major decline. Dylan was ringing about dinner and my head was pounding. By time we got home the hangry hare was bursting from inside. Dylan told me he had forgotten to put on the chips and my fuse blew. Angry, irritable, tired, and ravenous. I had let it go twelve hours without eating anything. I ate my dinner quicker than you could say dinner is ready and then felt nauseous with indigestion. That is not the way to go and I remembered the importance of regular meals the hard way.

The key to a healthy diet is one of balance and stability.

Eating regular meals three times a day helps maintain your blood sugars without the sugar crash or a need for a caffeine fix. Some people find it easier to eat little and often scheduling in 6 smaller meals a day. It can be different for everyone and when you add work life into the equation, we sometimes it hard to find the time to fit in these meals.

While it is sometimes impossible to eat breakfast first thing in the morning breakfast can be the perfect way to start your day right. It is vital to nourish our bodies especially after the long fast of the night. If you find it hard or nauseating to eat in the mornings maybe try incorporate a healthy eating routine slowly. Start with a piece of fruit or a cereal bar and work your way up as your body gets used to it.

If you find your mood is greatly affected by your eating habits, try introducing more whole grain choices where possible. Refined foods have a higher sugar content and these foods are absorbed quicker into our bloodstream. This can result in an immediate boost in energy levels and while we might feel good for a few minutes it will only wear off leaving you more tired than before. The sugar found in wholegrain foods like brown breads, pulses and grains gets absorbed into the blood stream much slower than that of refined foods and this prevents our energy levels and mood to spike and plummet. Instead it is a much slower process with a much more stabilising effect.

Making changes and swaps to your diet is not something I would advise doing all at once. I find when I try put myself on a healthy eating cycle, I eat healthy for approximately 3 whole days before giving up and reverting back to old habits.

You are more likely to succeed if you integrate these changes into your diet slowly.

Try substituting refined sugar cereals for high fibre cereals like porridge or bran.

Overnight porridge is definitely one of my favourite healthy breakfasts and If you include yogurt and fruit it can be delightful. Honestly, I would say on a scale of one to ten my dislike for porridge is roughly a seven or an eight, but the overnight oats don’t even taste like porridge and I could definitely eat it five days of the week.

 I have linked in my favourite recipe for overnight oats.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy body and mind and while they can be a total pain in the ass trying to eat at least give portions a day, we need the nutrients from them.

Greens like spinach are high in Iron and Iron is vital for healthy bodies. Iron deficiency can cause a range of problems including low mood and take it from someone who’s had to get iron infusions through IV its far easier to just eat your greens a few nights a week and maintain your iron levels at a healthy level while nourishing your body and your skin.

Whenever my sister complained about vegetables, I reminded her of her celeb hair inspirations and her constant nagging about her skin. If you want to have healthy hair and healthy skin getting the right nutrients is half the battle. Treat your body as a temple. If you look after it and care for it, you will reap the rewards. They just don’t happen overnight so be patient with it. While fruit and vegetables can be pricey especially if you’re a student you will always find a wide selection of frozen vegetables in Lidl or Aldi that won’t break your bank.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are always really handy for smoothies and juices. Just throw it into a blended with some milk or frozen yogurt and Walla you have a smoothie.

Protein is also something that needs to be included in your diet daily. Protein is the building blocks for healthy tissue. Vital for our hair, skin, and nails. As a woman adding protein into my diet at every meal saves the expense of buying tablets that cost £40+ for healthy Skin, hair, and nails. Protein is needed for healthy muscle repair which is why you will always hear bodybuilders downing their protein shakes pre/post workout. Main sources of protein include

  • Meat, fish, eggs.
  • Milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Nuts, beans, lentils.

Omega 3 has been studied with the result findings highlighting the many benefits and why it should be an essential part of our diet. Omega 3 has been shown scientifically to help fight anxiety and depression. Many studies have been conducted on omega 3 and findings have shown that when omega 3 fatty acids are supplemented into our diets symptoms of anxiety and depression can lesson.

Omega 3 has many physical benefits like lowering your chances of heart disease and stroke to improving bone strength and eyesight.

Its also known to help concentration and attention.


So, everyone has heard of how important water is for our body but how many of us actually go through the day remembering to hydrate our bodies regularly and I don’t mean with caffeine or energy drinks. They say the human body is made up of about 70% of water. Now if you think back over the day you had how many times did you re-hydrate your body? If you haven’t drank water today don’t even finish this sentence. Get to the kitchen and give your body some fluid. If your body could talk it would be totally on your tail giving out to you for neglecting its levels of hydration today. If you have drank water today that’s really good but you should probably drink some more. Aiming to drink 2 litres of water today I could say I probably have drank maybe 400ml. Ya I need to get myself to the kitchen to drink some water too. After this I promise. Water is essential for every part of our bodies. Our brain, healthy skin, our organs, our kidneys.

When I was a teenager, I had terrible acne like I mean terrible. I think I would have preferred to go to school with a bag on my head than drink water but hey ho we live and learn. Instead I covered my skin and low self confidence with pan stick and powder and every day my skin got worse. I was put on medication, tropical ointments, different face wash. My skin started to clear about three years later. Why? Because I started drinking water. Even now 10 years later my skin still breaks out as a way or warning me I am not drinking enough. If you want healthy skin water water and more water. Honestly you may not believe me and I cannot show you the evidence of the horrendous acne I suffered because 1) there was no way I was ever going to take a picture ever looking like that and 2) I never wanted evidence to show I looked like that but I did and I hated on myself so severely for so long. If I knew then, actually rephrase if I believed people then about the correlation between healthy skin and hydration, I could have saved myself many long sorrowful nights crying myself to sleep with self-hate.


and on that note, I am going to go down and drink some water and finish for the night because I am very tired and probably dehydrated.

More on this tomorrow.

Happy reading guys.

Lots of love katie xx

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