Spark joy – tidying and mental health

Spark joy – tidying and mental health

Writing is something I have been struggling to create the motivation to do currently. I am tired with reoccurring nightmares and a broken sleep pattern and I have neglected this blog and the idea of it for several weeks in a row now. I have been trying to spend time reading and growing my knowledge on how to be productive while failing completely to actually be productive. However, after some deep convincing I finally convinced my beautiful friend Jamie to write a blog post for this site. Jamie reads books like we breathe air. She is a super intelligent avid reader and we have both recently been immersed in self growth and improvement eating self-help books as a way to pause our lives from falling apart. She is coming down this weekend and we are going to publish a post on who we both are and what we do. I look forward to introducing her but for now here is her review on the famous Marie Kondo.

Spark Joy – tidying and mental health


I am what you would call a messy neat freak. I enjoy cleaning, I enjoy binning bags of junk and donating anything I no longer use. I would spend hours cleaning my college room, only to dump clothes from the day or towels from showers on the floor. My boyfriend would say “it’s fine we’ll clean it later” but later would become tomorrow which would become a few days, which usually led to me cleaning the entire room on a Friday while he was in college because I didn’t want to study. I realised then that I use cleaning as a distraction so I didn’t have to deal with the pressing issues I should be dealing with. With this in mind, and having been going through a rough patch, I decided I was going to read a Marie Kondo book. I had heard of her around the time of her Netflix show gaining popularity but figured a cleaning show wouldn’t interest me and pushed it to the back of my mind. Still, I downloaded her two books, The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up and Spark Joy and made a start. I also started the Netflix show and switched between one and the other. 

Seconds after opening this book, I sat back wondering what I was doing. I enjoy cleaning and I’m good at it, it’s quite literally my day job. Obviously, I’m good enough at it to be collecting a pay check, so why did I want to read a book about tidying up? I learned later in the book that people clean their rooms to distract from mental clutter, an experience I knew all too well. Still I powered through this book, as well as the Netflix show of the same name. Marie Kondo is extremely cute and likeable, and I admired her honestly throughout the book. Many people may find her methods unconventional, especially thanking inanimate objects, but as someone who practices gratitude daily it didn’t phase me much, only added to my thankful outlook which I appreciated. I really enjoyed this book, I worked on my room alongside each topic presented in the book, and by the time I was finished the last page I had completely sorted my clothes, books and papers. Lot of donations for charity left my house that day.



This book is less of a fully fledged guide and more of an illustration companion piece to the other book. The concepts are the same as it’s the same process, but a lot of the personal stories have been removed. In their place, and in my opinion way more helpful, are guided illustrations for each part of the process. An amazing thorough set of illustrations outline how to properly fold and store clothes, which is helpful to have at hand because while reading the previous book I had to look these up online. The illustrations are done by Masako Inoue and are very cute.

This book, and the KonMari method in general, focuses a lot on the law of attraction, something that has previously been mentioned in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This made me a lot more interested in the book and a lot more considerate of what I put where and the vibe I was giving out. I finished this book in a day and a half, and though I haven’t yet finished the tidying process, I look forward to being surrounded by joy.


Happy Reading Guys.

Lots of love


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