3 books that changed my life

3 books that changed my life


Books are power. They are not just pages. The words hold meaning. As a child I used to get lost in stories. The black words came to life and I was engulfed in a fantasy so much more loving and adventurous than my real life. I was the child that needed her bedtime story every night without fail. As someone with Asperger’s syndrome I felt safe in repetition and the same few stories were repeated every night.

When I got older, I expanded my genre of novels and stories becoming the ultimate twilight fan.

When I was fifteen, I had begun suffering with immense anxiety and chronic debilitating depression. I remember my father was driving me home and when we pulled up to my house he reached into the back seat and took out a book. I looked at it with confusion. “The Secret”. For Fu** sake more positive shite. I was sick of everyone telling me that I could just think positive. I kept the book and I looked through it every so often wanting so badly to be able to use the law of attraction but not knowing how.

Give or take a few meaningless years in between and the secret is now the most important book I could have ever read. It talks of the law of attraction. How we can manifest the life we want. If we can create it in our mind, we can manifest it in reality. The secret is taking control over what you feel. What you think. If we are thinking negative, we will attract negative and vice versa. The secret will change your life, but you have to want to change it and most importantly you need to believe you can change it. Last March I was on life support; I had tried to take my life and I had jumped in front of a moving train. Airlifted to hospital my foot had been severed off on the tracks. I had smashed all my front teeth and broke most of the bones in my body. I had shattered my spine and with the internal bleeding and swelling to my brain they’re wasn’t much hope when my family arrived. Some family members believing my soul had already left. I was gone, lifeless. Then came the pneumonia, the sepsis all while still on life support. No hope and if there was, I would be looking at 18 months recovering if I were not paralysed. That was on the 9th of March 2019. Today’s date is the 22nd of June 2020. I sit in my office writing this in my beautiful new home. Engaged to my favourite person in the world, Happier than I have ever been. I wear a denture because I am missing teeth and I have a prosthetic leg now. Does it change things? Not really. I woke up from that suicide attempt unable to move any part of my body wondering how and why. I was 22 and I was in a hospital bed unable to move, unable to speak just watching my loved one’s come and go. I refused to let myself stay like that. I was not going to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I was not going to let my life be this way. I worked my ass off with physio every single day, but I also refused to let my mind settle. I was determined to be better, to make it, to recover and I did. Less than five months after my suicide attempt, I walked in a charity fashion show in Dublin prosthetic leg and all. The doctors believed this to be impossible, a medical miracle. For every “she can’t do it” I thought no I can, and I will and so I did. Would I have had the mental resilience to come back from this without the secret in my life? Definitely not. It was the knowledge of the secret that spiralled my complete recovery.

My go to bookstore when shopping in Galway is Eason’s. They have beautiful journals all the time and anybody that knows me knows how much I love journals. My go to for journals and books I cannot get in Eason’s is Book Depository. Plus, it’s online so I can pretty much order anything at any time. Slight obsession with books and self-growth.

So, the first book in the secret by Rhonda Byrne. Highly recommend reading her whole collection. They are just life changing.

My second choice is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book is not for everyone and while it might not be for you now in six months you could live by it. Tolle speaks of the mind, the power we have over our minds and just the beauty of living in the now. The gift we have been given as human beings and aren’t even aware. The book is something you choose to read when your finally ready to appreciate your life for what it is and get the most out of now.


My third choice is one I will confess I have not read but I am currently listening to it in the form of audiobook. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book is my motivator when finance worries start weighing down on top of me. I want the walk in wardrobe with the endless selection of colour coded blouses, I want 10 different skirts and 100 different outfits but I cannot do that unless I grow rich so I am using this book as my guideline to put actions into motion and manifest the wardrobe of my dreams. If you dream of financial independence and stability, if you want to be able to do all the things you cannot do right now due to finance but you have the determination to work for it then I recommend giving this book either a read or a listen. Achieve better, achieve more, but most important do not forget your dreams and goals when reading this book. If you want to upgrade your car well then focus on the upgrade while reading this. Sometimes I find I get so engulfed in a book that I want everything, and I want in now. So much energy, so much motivation and I am like a busy bee for approximately 3 full days and nights before I crash. If you set your mind to achieving one goal at a time you will be less likely to burn out. I will use this book every day to manifest and believe in financial independence. At times I cannot stay positive, I cannot calm my anxiety, but I will still listen to this regardless. Whether its playing in the background while I am cleaning the house or whether it’s playing as I go to sleep the faith is there. The belief is real, and I know one day in the near future I will have achieve the bank balance I want and need to fully live in this life and be present in every way or possibility.  Buy “Think and grow rich” here at book depository

My three most influential factors in my happiness. My mindset, my reactions and financial worries. If i can manage to get on top of one of these worries a ripple effect is created. If my thoughts are dark but I can get into reading even one chapter of these three books I can gain control over my life again. If my head space can fight those dark thoughts than my perception or outlook on situations change. When my outlook has changed my reactions to unpredictable events isn’t as detrimental as it can be in dark times. I am able to keep the little things in my life stable and therefore my resilience builds. With resilience I have strength and bravery to overcome even the most difficult obstacles like finance.

These books keep me well on a day to basis. They changed my life but they also continue to change my future. The writers optimism and the stories shared in these books give me the strength to carry on in my dark times and that’s the greatest thing that can be done for me.

So to the Authors thank you, and I hope my readers find their own strength in these books that shaped me.

Happy reading

Lots of love Katie xx


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